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Zoely (nomegestrolaecetate + estradiol)


Zoely is a new oral combination contraceptive containing nomegestrolacetate (a gestagen) and estradiol (natural estrogen). Both the contraceptive effect and the type and frequency of adverse events are similar to other oral contraceptives.


The gestagen nomegestrel is new as a contraceptive and we therefore lack postmarketing safety and efficacy data, Epidemiological data clarifying the risk of thromboembolic complications can be expected in 2-3 years.


There is no evidence that natural estrogen makes any positive difference compared to oral contraceptives containing synthetic ethinyl estradiol. On the contrary, more cases of abnormal withdrawal bleeding (absence of bleeding during treatment breaks) are seen.


Zoley is considerably more expensive than the cheaper and equally effective alternatives. The higher price does not seem to be associated with any additional benefits. IRF does therefore not recommend Zoely as a first choice hormonal contraceptive.


Zoely was marketed April 16th 2012.

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