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Xamiol (calcipotriol + betamethasone)

Xamoil lipo-gel is a combinational drug containing betamethasone and calcipotriol for the treatment of psoriasis in the scalp.


Xamiol is significantly more effective than placebo and the active ingredients used alone separately. It is not studied whether Xamiol is more efficient than concomitant treatment with the two single drugs.


The most frequent side effects are burning sensation in the skin, erythem, pruitus, worsen psoriasis and skin irritation. There has not been seen more side effects after long-term use of Xamiol than with calcipotriol alone.


The treatment with Xamiol costs 50 % more than simultaneous therapy with betamethasone and calcipotriol as single drugs.


IRF states, that Xamiol should be reserved in patients, where scalp psoriasis can not be treated with the single drugs used concomitantly.


Xamiol was marketed the 20th of October 2008.

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