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Voltaren gel (diklofenacdiŠtylamin)


Voltaren gel is a new pharmaceutical formulation of the well-known NSAID for the treatment of local inflammatory conditions. Voltaren is a non-prescription medicinal product along with the other local anti-inflammatory products (except from Flector).


The efficacy is documented in few short-term studies, and is almost only compared to placebo. Certain trials though found an equal effect between Voltaren gel and systemic acting ibuprofen on pain due to artrosis in finger joints. 


Local treatment with NSAID has fewer gastrointestinal adverse effects compared to systemic NSAID treatment. However rare local adverse effects in the skin seem to occur.


Voltaren gel is, like other NSAID with local effect, an alternative to systemic treatment of NSAID for short term use, in which the risk of gastrointestinal adverse effects is considered to be too high.


The costs of this gel appear to be high compared to oral treatment, but still lower than the other local acting NSAID on the market. 

Voltaren gel was marketed 7 August 2006.


Institute for Rational Pharmacotherapy, 24 August 2006

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