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Vivelle Dot 25µg/24h

Vivelle Dot 25µg/24h is a low-dose transdermal oestradiol treatment, which reduces hot flushes in women with moderate to severe symptoms.


There are no evident clinically relevant differences between Vivelle Dot 25µg/24h and Evorel 25µg/24h, which are synonymous medicinal products. It seems probable that not all women will gain adequate control of symptoms using this dose. Bleeding incidents are less frequent than with higher doses of transdermal oestradiol.


Adverse effects caused by the patch occur in approximately 40% of patients – mostly mild. It is estimated that treatment with transdermal oestradiol 25µg/24h results in a lower oestradiol exposition than does 1 mg orally, which is the lowest oral dose.


The cost is approximately DKK 100 per month. Vivelle Dot 25µg/24h was marketed on November 22, 2004.

Last modified: November 29th 2005

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