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Tredaptive (nicotine acid 1.000 mg, laropriprant 20 mg)

Tredaptive, extended-release nicotine acid 1.000 mg and laropiprant 20 mg (ERN/LRPT), is used for treatment of combined dyslipidemia and primary hypercholesterolemia when treatment with statins are insufficient..


Tredaptive has the same effect as treatment with nicotine acid alone, but with fewer side effects. The drug should be used with a statin, when the cholesterol-lowering effect of a statin alone is inadequate and can be used as monotherapy, when statins are intolerable.


The drug contains laropiprant, which is added to minimise flushing the most frequent side effect caused by nicotine acid.


Maintenance dose is 2 tablets once a day, which costs (May 2009) 14,25 Dkr. a day. In comparison, ezetimibe 10 mg used at the same indication costs 14,33 Dkr. a day.


IRF states, that ERN/LRPT can be used to patients with dyslipidemia that can not be treated with statins alone.


ERN/LRPT was marketed the 1st of June 2009.


The drug is on prescription only and under the rules of restricted reimbursement.


The reimbursement is restricted to “Patients with hyperlipidemia that requires treatment, for which treatment with general reimbursed statins has shown inadequate effect or patients that does not tolerate these drugs”

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