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Mucoangin (ambroxol)

Mucoangin (ambroxol) is a metabolite of bromhexine. Mucoangin is now marketed independently as a compressed lozenge with a relatively modest efficacy for pain related to sore throat of mainly viral character.


Patient satisfaction is better than placebo after two days of use. Unfortunately, the medicinal product has not been compared to other local or systemic treatment of pain. There are only a few adverse side effects. The cost of Mucoangin is approx. DKK 9-10.80 a day (5-6 lozenges). This is about the same as the cost of similar lozenges.


Mucoangin lozenges 20 mg is a non-prescription drug which has not been granted general reimbursement. Mucoangin was marketed on August 1, 2005.

Last modified: November 29th 2005

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