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Levosert® is a new progestogen contraceptive coil approved for 3 years' use. It contains the same hormone and has the same size as Mirena®. The coil has local progestogenic effect. Levosert® is indicated for contraception and heavy menstrual bleeding and has the same contraceptive effectiveness (pearl-index) as Mirena® as well as the same risk profile.


The insertion method is slightly different (1), Levosert® being inserted using a two-handed technique like the Nova-T copper coil.


The purchase price of Levosert® is lower than Mirena®. However, since Levosert® is presently only approved for 3 years' use, the annual cost is higher compared to Mirena®, which is approved for 5 years' use.



1. Produktresume Levosert®.

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