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Lantus (insuline glargine)

Lantus (insuline glargine) is a new long-acting insulin preparation for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.


The 24 hour-profile for the insulinelevel in the blood is flat and the medicinal product is only to be dosed once daily, same time every day. As concern the glycaemic control, the efficacy is in line with intermediate-acting insuline (NPH insuline). Nocturnal hypoglycaemic episodes in type 2 diabetics are fewer, however, this is predominantly seen in unblinded studies. Change of therapy to Lantus for patients with type 2 diabetes can be considered if they experience nocturnal hypoglycaemic episodes. Lantus is more expensive than NPH insuline.


Lantus was marketed on May 24th 2004.


Institute for Rational Pharmacotherapy, 30 May 2004

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