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Innovair (beclomethasone + formoterol)

Innovair is an inhalations spray consisting of two active substances: HFA-beclomethasone 100 µg and formoterol 6 µg per dose. Innovair is used in treatment of moderate to severe asthma. The recommended dose is one or two inhalations twice daily.


Innovair is non-inferior compared to fixed combinations of budesonide + formoterol or fluticasone + salmeterole in improving morning peak-flow. Innovair is superior to beclomethasone alone. Innovair 100/6 is non-inferior to treatment with beclomehtasone inhalation powder 250 µg and formoterole 6 µg in two separate inhalation devices. It is not investigated whether Innovair is better than HFA-beclomethasone 100 µg and formoterol 6 µg separately in two devices.


The most frequent side effects are mild and local: pharyngitis, headache and dysphonia.


The price for 4 weeks of treatment is 451 Dkr., which is cheaper than other fixed combinations of corticosteroid and long acting beta 2-agonists. Innovair is under the rules of general reimbursement.


IRF states, that Innovair can be recommended to patients, where treatment with corticosteroids alone is not sufficient


Innovair was marketed the 6th of October 2008.

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