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Hypoloc (nebivolol)


Hypoloc (nebivolol) is a selctive beta 1-receptor antagonist with additional vasodilating effect approved for treatment of essential hypertension and as add-on to standard treatment regimens for patients older than 70 years with chronic heart failure.


The efficacy of Hypoloc in secondary prevention after AMI and in prevention of angina pectoris has not been explored, and in studies, exploring the effect on hypertension, comparative studies on clinical important endpoints are lacking. Among mild and moderate hypertensive patients, Hypoloc has, after 4-12 weeks, shown to reduce the blood pressure on same level as other antihypertensives.


On the indication chronic heart failure, Hypoloc does not appear to be in line with the documentation of several clinical important outcomes as the 3 other beta-blockers with the indication heart failure. Among patients with heart failure Hypoloc reduced the composite endpoint of cardiovascular hospitalization or death after 21 months corresponding to NNT=24. However, there was no significant difference in the secondary endpoint total mortality.


Common adverse effects observed during treatment of hypertension are headache, dizziness, fatigue and paresthesias. During treatment of chronic heart failure common adverse effects are bradycardia, dizziness and oedemas.


5 mg Hypoloc costs 4,69 kr. That is at first sight more expensive than other beta-blockers indicated to treatment of hypertension and chronic heart failure, respectively. For the present Hypoloc should therefore not be first choice.


Hypoloc was marketed 21. May 2007. Hypoloc has general reimbursement.


Institute for Rational Pharmacotherapy, 30. May 2007

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