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Healip (docosanol)


Healip (docosanol) is an antiviral crème for treatment of herpes simplex labialis (cold sore). Healip heals the cold sore slightly faster than placebo (0,7 day), when used in the early stage (within 12 hours) of symptoms. The crème is only tested on patients with recurring herpes attacks (min. twice a year). The efficiency in relation to additional products is not studied. However, Healip need to be applied before the ulceration i.e. at the first bushing and burning. Healip take effect after 4-6 days, when applied five times a day. The crème can be used up till 10 days if needed. Adverse effects are similar to placebo. Healip is not tested on children under 12 years old or on herpes genitalis.


Healip can be bought over the counter and cost 65 dkr. for 2 mg, which are slightly more expensive than the most expensive additional product with the similar quantity (dkr. 29,40-50,25). Healip is tree times more expensive pr gram than the cheapest product with aciclovir.


There is no reimbursement for Healip.


At the time being there is no arguments for a rutine use of Healip before other products against cold sore.


Healip was marketed 28 August 2006.


Institute for Rational Pharmacotherapy, 8 December 2006

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