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Fosavance (alendronate and vitamin D3)


Fosavance contains 70 mg alendronate (bisfosfonat) and 70 µg (2800 IU) vitamin D3. Fosavance is used once a week for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis.


The cost of Fosavance is identical with the cost of Fosamax (DKK 1109/12 weeks) and of the same magnitude as the cost of Optinate and Protelos. However, the cost is considerably higher than that of Didronate, which is less well documented than Fosavance.


The use of Fosavance might be advantageous when the patient is in risk of vitamin D deficiency. That is, if the patient has a vitamin D insufficiency and is unable to increase vitamin D ingested with food to an acceptable level. If the patient has a regular vitamin D deficiency, use of Fosavance alone is inadequate. The patient should be prompted to a concomitant calcium-intake, since a preventive effect on fractures has been shown for this combination.


General reimbursement is not granted for Fosavance. However, it is possible to apply for individual reimbursement.


Fosavance was marketed on September 26, 2005.

Last modified: October 2th 2005

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