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Fexin (ferrous salts)


Fexin is a new drug containing 695 mg ferrogluconate salt, equals 80,5 mg of iron. The effervescent tablets are dosed twice a day in therapeutic use.


A smaller randomized trial compared the effect of ferro gluconate and ferro sulphate on ferritin - and haemoglobin concentrations. The trial lasted for 12 weeks and included 24 persons. There were not statistic significant difference between the two ferrous salts after 12 weeks, but ferritin – and haemoglobin concentration were statistic significant different from the initial values.


Fexin costs 81,85 Dkr for 30 effervescent tablets and 209,60 Dkr for 90 effervescent tablets. DDD is more expensive than inorganic iron preparations as Niferex and Ferro Durette.


IRF states: There is not a direct difference in the effect of Fexin compared to other drugs at the market and because of the higher price/DDD there is no reasoning in choosing Fexin over another inorganic iron preparation. There is probably a marginal advantage in using Fexin for patients, which are in the need of iron, but not are able to swallow tablets or capsules.


Fexin was marketed the 2nd of June 2008. Fexin is not under the rules of general reimbursement and the drug can be bought without prescription.

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