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Eucreas (vildagliptin + metformine)

Eucreas (vildagliptin and metformine) is approved for treatment of type 2-diabetes when monotherapy with the highest tolerated dose of metformin is not having the desired glycaemic control. The dose is 50 mg vildagliptin + 850 or 100 mg metformin twice a day.


Eucreas has been compared to combination therapy with metformine + glitazone. There has not been published any results comparing metformin + SU.


The effect of Eucreas is not significantly worse than the combination of pioglitazone + metformine. After 24 weeks of treatment HbA1c declined with 0,88 ± 0,5 % in the vildagliptin + metformine group, against 0,98 ± 0,06 % in the group treated with pioglitazone + metformine. The difference between the groups was 0,10 ± 0,08 % (95% CI -0,05;0,26).


One month of treatment with Eucreas costs 511 DKr. and is 69 DKr cheaper than Janumet (sitagliptin + metformine). The effect of these combinational therapies has not been compared.


There are no available evidence of vildagliptin effect on morbidity and mortality. There are no evidence that combination therapy with vildagliptin + metformine is better or at the same level with the combination therapy with SU + metformin, which is significant cheaper.


IRF states, that Eucreas could be considered in patients, that in spite of careful dose-titration experiences severe hypoglycaemic incidences with a combination of metformin and SU.


Eucreas was marketed the 5th of May 2008 and is under the rules of general reimbursement.

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