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Emselex (darifenacine)

Emselex (darifenacine) is the fifth urological spasmolytic drug indicated for the treatment of urgency, urge incontinence with or without increased frequency of voiding, symptoms collected in the term overactive bladder syndrome.


The effects are primarily reduction in incontinence episodes per day, reduction of voidings per day and increased volume voided per void and seems to be comparable to the effect of solifenacin (Vesicare), tolterodin (Detrusitol) and oxybutynin (Kentera plaster) and at least only slightly more efficacious than placebo.


Adverse effects are primarily dry mouth and constipation.


The cost of Emselex is in line with Vesicare, but a little cheaper than Detrusitol.


Darifenacin was marketed October 10, 2005.

Last modified: October 10th 2005

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