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Eeze (diclofenacsodium)


Eeze (diclofenacsodium) is a cutaneous spray that is approved for treatment of local inflammation. Beside Eeze there are 6 other local-acting NSAID’s on the market. Two of these contain diclofenac as the active ingredient.


In an unpublished placebo-controlled 14 days trial with patients with sprained ankle, 9 patients needed to be treated before one patient will achieve minimum 50 % reduction in the swelling within 10 days (NNT=9). A small difference in spontaneous pain and pain on active movement was seen in secondary endpoints. In a small short-term cross-over study the effect of Eeze was comparable to the effect obtained by a diclofenac gel.


Local adverse effects are reported after use of Eeze, and topical NSAID furthermore increases the risk of photo sensibility. Treatment with local-acting NSAID’s can be an alternative for patients with high risks of systemic adverse effects with peroral NSAID. 


One days treatment with Eeze, equivalent to 32-40 mg diclofenac 3 times daily, costs 11,55-14,43 Eeze is more expensive than the cheapest topical NSAID treatment. Its, however, cheaper than Flector patch, which is on prescription.


Eeze was marketed 25 September 2006 and is a non-prescriptive medicinal product. There is no reimbursement for Eeze.

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