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Cervarix is a vaccine approved for prevention of cervical dysplasi and cervix cancer caused by HPV type 16 and 18.


Cervarix significantly reduces the sustained risks of infection with HPV 16 and 18, and the risks in progress of HPV 16- and 18-induced severe cell-transformations in interim-analysis. The final effect of the vaccine is not known yet. The result only involves women, who are HPV 16- and 18-negative at baseline, i.e. girls/women that haven’t had their sexual debut. Cervarix only prevents –not cures – dysplasia or cancer.


Because of ethical and practical reasons the available results are expressed with a surrogate parameter of severe cell transformations, and not on mortality and cancer.


About 30 % of the cervix cancer cases are caused by types of HPV other than type 16 and 18, therefore it’s still very important that screening is completed after vaccination.


The most frequent short term adverse effects are swelling around the site of vaccination, blush, pain, myalgia, fatigue and headache. Possible long term adverse effects are not yet known.


The price for a 3-dosage-series is 3.432 Dkr. Cervarix is at the same price level as Gardasil. The reimbursement status of Cervarix is still undecided. Gardasil also have a protective effect against condylomes. Gardasil is to prefer if the effect on condylomes is relevant.


The National Board of Health has recommended that an HPV-vaccine should be a part of children’s vaccination program.


Cervarix was marketed the 22nd of October 2007

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