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Altargo (retapamulin)


Altargo (retapamulin) is a new drug (1% ointment), which is approved for maximum 5 days of treatment of superficial skin infection (impetigo, infected small lacerations, abrasions or sutured wounds) in individuals older than 9 months. The maximum treatment area is 100cm2 or/and 2% of the total body surface area.


Altargo doesn’t have a relevant effect in treat,em of infections caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). There haven’t bee proved a relevant effect in treatment of cutaneous abscesses or secondary infected dermatitis.


IRF states that Altargo increases the treatment options in impetigo that require treatment and in infected small lacerations, abrasions and sutured wounds. The effect and side effects from Altargo is compared with Fucidin. The price of Altargo (135kr for 5 g ointment) is higher than the price of Fucidin (54kr for 15 g ointment), but it may be an advantage that the Altargo regimen is twice a day in/for 5 days as opposed to 3 times daily in/for 7 days which is the regimen for Fucidin. Altargo is like Fucidin not indicated in infections with MRSA.


Altargo was marketed the 22nd of Oktober 2007

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