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Work methods

Selecting the correct medicinal product has a high priority in all the Institute’s work functions. The Institute’s recommendations are aimed at shifting prescribing patterns; thus the information supplied in these recommendations must be scientifically correct (evidence-based), complete, precise and include a cost assessment, and it must also be didactic, with prioritised treatment instructions.


When choosing between closely related medicinal products, importance is primarily attached to scientific documentation and degree of therapeutic efficacy held up against the nature and number of adverse drug effects and verifiable differences in compliance or differences due to the formulation of the medicinal product. The cost level must be looked at in the light of the therapeutic efficacy of the preparation and the severity of the illness. Comfort, ease of use and modernity are considered less important in this connection.


Synonymous medicinal products are accepted on the basis of G-marking and accessible literature. Extrapolation between analogue substances is accepted if they have 1) the same mechanism of action, 2) the same effect on surrogate parameters that – if there are more than two preparations – have been shown to have a correlation with the actual effect parameter, and 3) comparable adverse drug reactions.


It is to appear from all IRF publications that they are a product of both the IRF and the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.


When a publication is to be the result of a collaboration with external partners, the publication rights must be clearly specified in a detailed contract before work on the publication begins. Publications should normally indicate that they originate from both the IRF and the Danish Health and Medicines Authority, and state any collaboration partner and the partner’s place of employment, if relevant.


Updated: 1 December 2002


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